• 2020 SEASON – ONHOLD

    Dear Wilshire Pool Members and Potential New Members:

    The Wilshire Pool Board recently met to discuss the opening of Wilshire in regards to the current Covid-19 situation. As we await Governor Wolf’s directive, please know we will be taking the necessary steps to ensure a safe, fun filled and successful 2020 season. Frequently check this site and our Facebook page for updates as to when Wilshire will be opening. We truly appreciate your patronage and look forward to seeing you all at Wilshire soon.

    New for 2020 – Installment Plan: Spread your membership payments out. You can pay anytime / any amount during February, March, April and May. Membership must be paid in full by TBD to enjoy all the amenities Wilshire Pool has to offer this summer. NO REFUNDS will be given for partially paid memberships.

    As the weather warms up you will begin to see the pool spring to life in anticipation of TBD – OPENING DAY!


    We could use some help. We will post which weekends this Spring that clean ups will take place, with the biggest tasks being raking the remaining leaves/picking up branches and taking to the recycling center.

  • Membership Application Available ONLINE!

    Membership Application Available ONLINE!

    You can now fill out the Wilshire Pool membership form ONLINE at our website! CLICK HERE NOW!

  • Pavilion Rental

    Planning a birthday or graduation party? Pavilion rentals are available during pool hours and after hour pool rentals are available evenings from 8-10 p.m.

    Reserve the Pavilion:
    The pavilion may be reserved for large group activities such as team parties, family picnics and birthday parties.
    The reservation fee for the pavilion is as follows:
    During Pool Hours:
    $50 for members (max 2.5 hours) and $5 per each non-member guest to enter.
    $200 for non-members (max 2.5 hours). Includes up to 15 people. Above 15 people, $5 per each non-member guest.

    Off-Hours (8 to 10 PM):
    $150 for members (includes up to 15 people). Above 15 people, $5 per each non-member guest.
    $300 for non-members (includes up to 15 people). Above 15 people, $5 per each non-member guest.

    To reserve, please fill out the contact form.

    Download the Pavilion Rental Agreement Here

Important Reminder:

Constant and responsible supervision must be provided for all CHILDREN 12 YEARS OF AGE AND UNDER, and for all older children who cannot swim. Supervision must be provided by a RESPONSIBLE PERSON FOURTEEN (14) YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. Parents have ultimate responsibility for the conduct of their children and will be billed for any damages incurred by them. Children under the age of 12 will be given a different color membership card and will not be permitted to enter the pool without a responsible caregiver.