Dear Wilshire Members,

Although the numbers are not finalized, there will be an increase in membership rates for 2015.  The Association knows any increase can be difficult for our members.

In order to help offset the additional cost, your 2015 rate will be the same as 2014 ONLY if you pay your membership in full by January 31, 2015 (post marked).

Membership costs for 2014 were:  Family $325, Couple $220, Adult Single $125, Senior Couple $197 and Senor Single $106.

Membership forms can be downloaded and printed from our website, www.Wilshirepool.com (membership information).






Rained Out:  This year, the pool will be participating in the Rained Out program which will alert our members in the event of pool closings.  Access www.rainedout.net and search Wilshire.  Search: Wilshire   Follow directions for steps 1 & 2. Step 3: keyword is “poolmembers” one word no spaces.  The pool manager will be responsible for updating the system with pool alerts.  The system will alert you with email or text alerts.

Important Reminder:

Constant and responsible supervision must be provided for all CHILDREN 12 YEARS OF AGE AND UNDER, and for all older children who cannot swim. Supervision must be provided by a RESPONSIBLE PERSON FOURTEEN (14) YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. Parents have ultimate responsibility for the conduct of their children and will be billed for any damages incurred by them. Children under the age of 12 will be given a different color membership card and will not be permitted to enter the pool without a responsible caregiver.



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