Membership Info

2019 Membership Information – PRO-RATED for Balance of the Season

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About Family Memberships ($250):
A Family Membership is designed for a household consisting of any combination of up to 2 parents and one or more children up to 24 years of age.

About Adult Couple Memberships ($165):
An Adult Couple Membership is available to households with no more than two (2) adult members who are 18 years old or older with no children.  Includes single parent plus one child.

About Adult Individual Memberships ($100):
An Adult Individual Membership available to individuals 18 to 54 years of age.

About Senior Memberships (Individual – $75, Couple – $125):
Senior Memberships available to individual and couples 55 years of age and older.

New Membership Enrollment Fee:
There is a one time enrollment fee of $25.00. New members for 2019 enrollment cut in half until MAY 27, 2019!!

New Member Payment Plan:
New members may join at any time and pay in installments, provided the full amount is paid before July 15th.

Babysitting Membership:
Babysitting membership will provide a seasonal card issued to a member’s full-time, non-member babysitter at a fee of $75.00 and may only be used by that person while actively involved in such child care and supervision. A babysitting membership may also be issued for a member who will be babysitting a non-member child also at a fee of $75.00. This membership may only be used by that child while accompanied by the member baby-sitter, who must be at least 15 years of age.

.Any payments received after will be assessed a $0 late charge.

Important Reminder:

Constant and responsible supervision must be provided for all CHILDREN 12 YEARS OF AGE AND UNDER, and for all older children who cannot swim. Supervision must be provided by a RESPONSIBLE PERSON FOURTEEN (14) YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. Parents have ultimate responsibility for the conduct of their children and will be billed for any damages incurred by them. Children under the age of 12 will be given a different color membership card and will not be permitted to enter the pool without a responsible caregiver.

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